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A sleeping giant steals a march on the music industry


Tee Green is a musical chameleon. With a multi-octave voice that ranges effortlessly over the classics, his unique vocals blend overtones of the greatest household names with an injection of something new, with a voice both unique and familiar. He is a Guinness World Record holder for the longest pure note ever recorded, a stunning 39 seconds, unequalled by anyone, even the likes of Streisand, Bill Withers et al.

Until now, this multi-tasking virtuoso was a background figure, preferring to focus his talents on vocal coaching. His legacy is impressive, having propelled names such as Cilla Black, Atomic Kitten, Misteeq and The Saturdays global stardom, he has finally come full circle and released his own first single, a song which marked his emergence from depressive illness, sparked by a messy relationship break up just before the pandemic.

This behind-the-scenes powerhouse of the music industry, the number one choice session singer, arranger and vocal coach, has come out of lockdown fighting. He freely acknowledges that his first love, music, has been the catalyst which set him back on his feet, alongside honest discussions with good friends. Tee Green masterminded his own therapy and the release of ‘When Love Ain’t Enough’ is testament to its success. This is a song for anyone who appreciates a good tune, who detect a master at the top of his game and love him for it.

Tee Green

Mixing old-school soul with a hint of modernity, Tee Green creates an ultimately timeless sound that will appeal across generations of listeners. Emulating musicians like Adele, Ed Sheeran and Michael Buble, Green provides music for people who want nothing more, nothing less, than a good song to listen to. Faultlessly arranged and delivered, it transcends genre because it is a piece of peerless quality, as universally appealing as a perfect gem.

“Music and good friends helped me to heal and gave me a reason to want to be alive again,” Tee comments, “Music and friends have helped me get back to what I love doing best.”

Tee Green is internationally regarded as one of the finest vocal coaches and arrangers in the music industry. His work has taken him all over the globe, keeping many recognized artists at the top of their game. In the 20 years spent in the business, he has worked his magic on acts including Blue, Westlife, Lighthouse Family and Alexander O’Neal. Being an established vocalist in his own right, he has backed many successful singers like Kylie Minogue and his amazing 4 and a half octave range can be heard on 81 albums worldwide representing over 120 million record sales. He has also written a number 1 for *N SYNC and has other writing and production credits for East 17, Worlds Apart and Kenny Thomas.

What Is Love was a cover of Haddaway‘s hit single. Love Will Come was released under Almighty records. Don’t Hold Back included an Original 12″ Mix, a Jungle Mix, a Radio Edit and an Italo Mix Radio Edit. Label : Bellaphon.

Tee Green was also featured in Deuce‘s album On The Loose, on the songs : Be What You Wanna Be, Rumours, Let’s Call It A Day, I’ll Be There For You and Kiss It. He also took part to the projects and band Soft Ballet, Clive Griffin, Daryl Hall, Shara Nelson, 2wo Third3, El Mariachi, Dead Or Alive, Isabelle Antena, Steps, Will Young, Gareth Gates, David Knopfler, Hannah Jones, Tunde, Kaare Norge, Back To Basics, Respect…


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