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She is the illusion of a GOLDEN DAWN, illuminating celebrations of fantastical proportions while gracing them with endless possibility and plenty. Overflowing with sheer bliss and desire, the opulent ceremony is royal in its scope and regal in its progression, carrying on infinitely, in an imperial land where the sun remains forever above the horizon.

With contributor Cristina Vittoria Egger and guest of Elie Saab

Elie Saab with Cristina Egger


The ELIE SAAB HAUTE COUTURE SPRING/SUMMER 23 moves in such currents of richness and symbols of abundance. Each majestic piece is intricate and ornate, carefully created with impressions from the natural scenes and rituals of the revered kingdom of Thailand, where rich cultures of gilded splendor inspire the imagination and artistry of ELIE SAAB.

To inaugurate the captivating celebration, she begins her perpetual rise alongside her partner, and together, in splendid harmony, they emit glistening braided embroideries and beaded rays across soft natural colorscapes of graciously moving silhouettes. Shimmering rhinestones and crystals weave into the delicate metallic tresses of whispy capes and sumptuous large coats that make elegant statements as they dance to the floor.


With delicate wings extended from her shoulders, they are carried to a skyline of infinite beginnings, where they summon forth the legendary naga dragons. The powerful figures whirl round and round, over asymmetrical bodices and plunging sweetheart necklines, creating lavish silk crêpe winds and wild peplum waves of ivory and pearl. Sacred koi fish swim through mermaid tails and ornate scalloped overskirts to join the dawn, as crystal rose lotus flowers blossom upwards from chantung blue ponds to offer a water blessing.

model model model

Luscious verdant petals and 3D guipure blooms emerge from organza layers of spontaneous merriment, while fressia blossoms charmingly dangle from embellished hemlines. Light gold tulle and plush draped embroideries in exquisite textures, undulating between elaborate passementerie details and transparency. And finally, entwined in glimmers of white and gold floral vines, the bride dances forth, leading to new beginnings.

ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2023 is an indulgent escape from the ordinary, into an ever-present dawn of momentous festivity. The collection is an opulent expression of an endless day, where sheer beauty and magic wed in never-ending union.

Photographs ELIE SAAB : Filippo Fior /

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