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Thousands of women have slept with this musician, but it’s not what you think…

Most people have never heard of Llewellyn, but they have probably heard his music. Why? Because he just happens to be a multi-award-winning musician.

And it’s true, thousands of women genuinely sleep with him every night, but he’s not actually in the room with them: the Herts born artist who now lives in Ceredigion is a prolific composer of sleep and relaxation music who has sent countless people into dreamland.

Llewellyn has sold over a million albums worldwide and received millions of streams across digital platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

He has mastered a niche in providing hit after hit of heavenly music designed to uplift its listeners and transform them to other realms filled with wonder, magic and relaxation, even sensual arousal.

Now, the unknown star is releasing a new album on all digital platforms featuring tracks such as Reiki Gold (73.42m streams), Sleep Gold (52.72m streams) and Reiki Sleep (26.73m streams).

‘The Very Best of Llewellyn’ will be available on November 14th on all streaming platforms and features twenty-four tracks of relaxing music running for over 2 and a half hours. It will be released digitally as 2 separate albums: ‘Relax’ and ‘Chill.’

The physical version will be released as a special collector’s edition in a deluxe cardboard case with two audio CDs and 4 postcard size art cards of original Llewellyn paintings.

It’s no surprise that Llewellyn has made a name for himself with a Tantric Sexuality album racking up over 10 million views on YouTube; listeners say it’s like “a shamanic journey to another dimension” and “the most sensual music I have ever heard.”

Llewellyn also released the full-length album titled Free Love. The 20-track collection included hits such as A Beautiful Thing.

His music has also featured in many international television shows including the highly acclaimed TV series ‘Friends’.

Explaining the origin of his name Llewellyn and career pathway, he said: “My family tree traces back to the last Native Prince of Wales, Prince Llewellyn.

“Music wasn’t the obvious choice for me coming from generations of physicians, including my grandfather who was an honorary physician to the Queen, but I have lived and breathed music all my life with early eclectic influences including everything from James Last and Elvis Presley to country, rock, pop, and punk fuelling my ambition to find fame. I guess my journey proves that you don’t have to be a pop artist to achieve success, you simply have to set aside your ego and avoid a hedonistic life!”

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