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The Original Comedy Rockstars Stan Laurel & Charlie Chaplin and Their Century-Old Feud That Made Bitter Strangers of Teenage Best Friends

WORLD’S BIGGEST PRODUCTIONS presents LAUREL and CHAPLIN – THE FEUD (As hilarious as it is tragic!)

AS TEENAGE best friends they shared a cabin on their way from Britain to New York to seek fame and fortune in 1910. For three years they were roommates as they toured the United States as part of the same theatrical troupe. But when Charlie Chaplin’s career went global, he abandoned his former pal Stan Laurel, not speaking to him for twenty-five years.

When Chaplin was discovered, he vowed to help his friend and understudy Laurel but, as he became the silent movie era’s Tom Cruise, the actor who made his fortune as The Little Tramp, abandoned his best friend for his newfound wealth and celebrity associates.

See Jordan Conway as Chaplin, and Matt Knight as Laurel, who star as the two mega stars of a bygone era in a heart- breaking and hilarious spoken narrative that explains ‘The Feud’.

The pair are joined by a talented cast to tell a compelling story through a unique mix of slapstick and burlesque, but which, like the work of both comedic geniuses, delivers insight while remaining suitable for a family audience.

Forget Will Smith and Chris Rock’s ‘handbags at dawn’ slap- fest, Laurel and Chaplin – The Feud is a cautionary tale of how jealousy, self doubt and the quest for fame can prise open even the strongest of relationships. It is hilarious and sad all at once, as it tells the story of the destruction of a deep friendship.

Producer and writer of Laurel & Chaplin – The Feud, Jon Conway, boasts a glittering track record including shows on Broadway and in entertainment capitals such as Beijing, London and Las Vegas. With five original West End shows under his belt, Conway has in recent years turned his attention to producing elaborate and large-scale arena shows such as the hit ‘Elf – The Musical’.

Jon Conway said: “Stan and Charlie were massive stars of the silver screen a hundred years ago and two of the most famous stars from Tinseltown’s early days.

“They were movie pioneers who were the first to cross over from stage to screen, setting the standard for what Hollywood would become.

“They started their quest for fame and fortune together, but somehow along the way they lost their friendship. This is the story of their tragic and hilarious early days that seeks to uncover what caused their 25-year feud.”

Laurel and Chaplin – The Feud will play at London’s Cambridge (Matilda) Theatre on Mondays from July 24 until August 28th, before transferring to the Blackpool Winter Gardens for a week’s residency from August 29 until September 2.

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