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The New Face of Injectables 

When it comes to anti-ageing the one ingredient that deserves the title elixir of youth is collagen. 

This gloriously youthful protein forms netting   – a bit like a mesh fence – within the dermis, to gives our skin strength and the resilience to hold everything in place, keeping our complexion plump, firm and radiant. 

When we are young, skin is made up of around 80 per cent collagen, but as we age, our supplies drastically dwindle and what is left isn’t quite as good quality as it used to be.

Smoking, pollution, sun damage and other forms of free radicals, as well as a diet overloaded with sugar will also affect and deplete our stores. By the time we’re in our fifties, our skin will have lost around 50 per cent of collagen reserves, leading to wrinkles, folds and saggy skin.
The obvious solution is to add collagen to our beauty regime but that’s where things get complicated.

‘The collagen molecule is too large to slip through the outer layer of the skin so slathering on collagen moisturisers won’t help.’

What will work though is to coax the body to produce more collagen, tricking it into kick-starting a new supply.  And this is where the new ingenious injectable Ellans
é comes into its own.  

Traditional dermal fillers only address lines, wrinkles and folds but Ellans
é,  made of Poly-L Lactic acid and Polycaprolactone – both of which have been used extensively in medicine for many years  –  not only corrects the signs of ageing but also works beneath the surface to stimulate your own supply of collagen production, thus  treating the underlying causes of facial ageing, too.

é is a particularly good option if you want to restore a more youthful shape to your face but don’t want a face-lift or other surgery. In fact, many of our celebrities are secretly having Ellansé as it gives a natural-looking, fresh-faced appearance along with an even toned complexion that is plumped-up, dewy and glowing with good health.

This  unique  treatment can be used on most areas of the face – around the temples and brow area to fill hollows, the cheeks to plump  hollow areas and  give a gentle lift as well as  reshaping any sagging areas  around the jaw line and chin area. As it  acts like a dermal filler , it  can also  correct nose to mouth lines and those droopy corners of the mouth.  

The procedure is quick  – around 20 minutes – and the results are immediate  and will carry on improving over the following weeks as new collagen is formed. lasting  up to four  years,  when the filler breaks down and leaves the body naturally.

The treatment  can also be used safely on   all skin types, putting  the bounce and beauty back into your skin in a flash.

And yes, we could all do with that – whatever our age.

Ellansé – from £550 at Harley Street Skin Clinic, 48 Harley Street, London W1: 0207436 444

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