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The Martin Jetpack: The Ultimate in Personal Transporation

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Martin Jetpack: Ultimate in personal transporation

After wowing China and the Emirate of Dubai the next stop for this international company based in New Zealand is Top Marques where visitors to the exhibition will be able to see the future of personal transportation first hand.

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Designed to be the world’s safest light aircraft, the Martin Jetpack is aimed at adventurers, futurists and visionaries who take up the challenge to explore and venture to places that others can only imagine. The Personal Jetpack’s beautifully designed lines and eloquent engineering are backed by high-powered performance and robust aeronautical engineering.

Visitors to Martin Jetpack’s stand will be able to experience the thrill of flying first hand by way of a unique 4-D full motion simulator.

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This is elite transportation which promises to shape the future of tomorrow’s travel. Named as one of Time magazine’s Top 50 inventions for 2010, the world’s first practical jetpack will be on sale later this year.

Steven Saltzman, director of Top Marques Monaco, said today: “Top Marques scours the world for exciting products that are at the leading edge of innovation and technological development.

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“We are therefore thrilled to be able to provide the stage for the European launch of the Martin Personal Jetpack, which we know will resonate strongly with our guests.

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“We are looking forward to offering visitors the opportunity to experience flying a Martin Jetpack using the full motion simulator that will be available throughout the show.”



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