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Future in disinfection is now HEALTH-GATE



We would like to present you our product “Health Gate” cabin, designed to provide fast and effective disinfection in a public areas like shopping malls, airports, factories, banks, hospitals, etc. In a current situation in the world this product is a very practical solution to fight the spread of the viruses. It is also equipped with many other additional functions like: face mask control, biometric face recognition system, remote control software and many others.


Light and sound indication

Non-contact body temperature sensor

Biometric face recognition system

Face mask control

Person identification by card or mobile phone

Built-in metal detector frame

Remote control software

  • Mobile application
  • Cloud for data collection and control
  • Non-contact hand dispenser
  • Sole disinfection mat
  • Polyurethane magnetic transparent curtains
  • Internal motion detection sensor
  • Bactericidal compartment with ultrasonic disinfectant mist generator
  • 80 liter tank for disinfectant liquid with volume sensors
  • Waste collection tank with volume sensors


“We also offer a tested and fully compatible with the equipment disinfectant liquid that does not containchlorine, alcohol, any chemical impurities that can somehow affect the human health. The liquid is hypoallergenic and not toxic if it gets into the eyes or respiratory tract.”


  • Cloud software with various additional services (users, metrics, remote control and others).
  • Possibility of interacting with the presence card reader or by phone to control the entrances and exits of the employees.
  • AI-powered face mask control
  • Microwave sensors for measuring the level of disinfectant liquid with precision.
  • The ability of the system to work locally and remotely. Namely, display the necessary data in the application without connecting to the Internet or with a connected Internet send data to the client’s server.
  • Mobile application with different capabilities and needs. For the staff the ability to see their indicators in the application, for the service company the ability to track the cabins, their condition, location -any data that the client opens access to.
  • The ability to configure remotely on any server. Your personal database.

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