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Milano Fashion Week dazzled fashion enthusiasts from around the globe at the prestigious Palazzo Serbelloni, where top designers showcased their latest collections.

The event, held from September 23-24, featured a star-studded lineup of models, including the renowned Marina Yeva, Prissy Gomes, and Julia Bark, who graced the runway in an array of stunning creations.

One of the highlights of the Milano Fashion Week was the enchanting collection presented by Charles & Ron. The acclaimed design duo unveiled their latest collection, A Language of Love, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean with their distinct flair.


Charles van Maarschalkerweerd Borg and Ron van Maarschalkerweerd Borg, the creative minds behind the brand, presented a range of exquisite, vibrant pieces with bold sequins, bright satin, and glamorous accessories that epitomized superior quality.

Molebatsi, founded by fashion designer Jessica Jane Molebatsi and film producer Wandile Molebatsi, made a powerful statement on social cohesion and cultural blends through their South African inspired collection. Each meticulously crafted design, though distinct in style, harmoniously combined hues of blues and whites. This thoughtful choice not only showcased their artistic abilities but also exemplified the power of love and unification on Heritage Day.


IKH, is a fashion revolution, founded in 2014 by Khadeeja Alsunaidi in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Armed with a higher education degree and a passion for design, Alsunaidi has been immersed in fashion since stitching her first dress at 10. She has cultivated a distinctive approach by learning from the masters in the fashion industry in France, Italy, and Lebanon. Leading a brand that marries tradition with innovation, Alsunaidi’s passion shines through every design. 

Los Angeles based brand, April Black Diamond, presented an astonishing collection of bridal gowns that transported the audience inside a fairy tale. Voluminous skirts, royal trains, lace, beading, crystals, regal crowns is how the story was told. The models walked down the runway in these incredible wedding dresses and there could have not been a better setting for these than the Palazzo Serbelloni, which was once the residence of Napoleon.


Rashid Khan, hailing from Mumbai, India, made his mark at Milano Fashion Week with his intricate, vivacious designs and expertise in coruscating embellishments. His collection struck the runway with a breathtaking lineup of unforgettable, elegant dresses, each one a testament to his sophisticated and dazzling aesthetic.

Born in the early 1900s, Maison Celestino has evolved over the generations, from the activity of artistic weaving to the creation of textile products for home furnishings, up to the creation of Italian high fashion collections.


The fine workmanship of the fabrics has given rise to packages destined for Royal Houses, the Vatican City and Museums around the world. The Company, over the decades and up to the present day, has thus made tradition and artisanal textile production a recognized and appreciated brand on a national and international scale.

Capable of evolving, enhancing its heritage, innovating and adopting today’s fashion trends, the Maison creates a stylistic and conceptual reworking of pure natural fiber fabrics (linen, hemp, cashmere, silk, cotton) and traditional designs which, also thanks to the help of important stylists and fashion designers, are created in weft and presented in strictly tailored clothing items.

This season, Mason Celestino captivated the Milano Fashion Week audience with an incredible collection inspired by Africa and it’s rich culture.




Designer Vel Yurchenko mesmerized the audience with a Ukrainian collection that spoke volumes without uttering a word. Daring, divine, and undeniably stylish, “By Vel” creations left a magical and charming impression with their intricate floral designs, cascading ruffled layers, and distinctive signature ribbons, all donned by enchanting Ukrainian child models.

Broccoli Tree Designs made a striking debut with a collection that uniquely combined classic luxury and street-inspired chic. Each piece showcased the brand’s innovative approach, capturing the essence of timeless elegance with a classic silk set and contemporary urban flair with a chic cream-colored jacket and a pop of pastel hues. This fusion of styles marked a new era in fashion, where sophistication met streetwear, leaving fashion enthusiasts in awe of the brand’s unparalleled creativity and vision.



Designer Ika Butoni showcased her multifaceted designs, drawing inspiration from her roots in Indonesia and her experiences in Europe and Asia. Ika’s meticulous attention to detail was unparalleled, evident in the carefully chosen fabrics and decorative headpieces that adorned her creations. Notably, her fabrics, intricately printed using bark and leaves, not only added a distinctive texture but also highlighted her commitment to sustainability in fashion.

Milano Fashion Week at Palazzo Serbelloni was a celebration of diversity, creativity, and innovation in the world of fashion. Each designer brought their unique perspective, leaving a lasting impression and inspiring the fashion industry worldwide.

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