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Emma Parigi

We meet the glamorous weather and climate presenter for 3B Meteo, Italy.

As we all know, life often surprises us. We may choose a specific path of study or work in a particular field, but unexpected opportunities may knock at our door, presenting us with the chance for openness and enrichment. While these opportunities may bring distractions, they can also be highly beneficial. This is precisely how my adventure with 3B Meteo began – by presenting and hosting weather and climate updates in Italy. 

It’s an educational job, both curious and significant. Meteorology impacts our daily lives, influencing our thoughts, choices, and evoking various emotions and moods. The role involves studying weather situations and engaging in discussions with fellow meteorologists, going beyond simple readings to a much deeper understanding.

After approximately five years, I also started conducting training sessions at schools and nursing homes. Spreading meteorological knowledge is crucial, particularly in light of recent climate change. Through this endeavor, we promote understanding, growth, and responsibility concerning the current situation and our commitment to the present and future.

But let’s rewind and explore my educational journey. I pursued a master’s degree in pedagogy while simultaneously working in television and radio. Additionally, I worked in schools and later at a hospital in Bergamo. For nearly five years, I managed two intense and demanding jobs, which presented considerable challenges. These experiences were both constructive and delicate.

Pedagogy, to me, holds a special place as a role that is not yet widely recognized. Personal qualities like sensitivity and empathy enhance the effectiveness of this profession. At the hospital, I had the privilege of accompanying paediatric patients to educational activities, facilitating their cognitive, motor, and emotional development. Supporting them through their difficulties and promoting growth during a vulnerable period of hospitalization was truly invaluable and emblematic, making it a uniquely fulfilling experience.

In pursuit of continuous personal development and new career opportunities, I chose to pursue a master’s degree in pedagogical counselling. My goal has always been to advocate for others, vulnerability, and empowerment.

Throughout my studies, I also worked as a fashion model for two showrooms. My love for all kinds of clothes translates into my personal social media channel, Instagram.

We often present ourselves through words and photographs, attempting to capture our essence. However, true self-discovery comes from the accumulation of experiences and relationships over time. Life is a continuous process that, if not interrupted, allows for growth and change. My Instagram account showcases aesthetics because, during my growth, I faced criticism. Today, I embrace my true self, without filters or constructs, in all its simplicity. Yet, my essence lies in the real world, not the virtual one.

I am a thirty-year-old woman with a strong physical energy since childhood. I once played semi-professional volleyball at the B level, but due to a health problem, now resolved, I had to leave that path behind and redirect myself towards other goals. Recently, I have taken up golf, finding it liberating, relaxing, and mentally stimulating. It’s a sport that challenges me both technically and mentally, and I find great satisfaction in getting the ball into each hole with as few strokes as possible.

I call Bergamo my home, and I deeply love my city. Cooking and eating are two passions of mine, as mealtime represents a time of conviviality, enjoyment, and togetherness, essential for feeling good and connecting with others.

Furthermore, I have been in a relationship with my partner for 11 years, which is quite an achievement considering the current state of relationships. I strongly believe in the beauty of putting effort into a relationship, renewing commitment, and believing in the possibility of making things right.


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