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Diversifying investments thanks to Propiteer Capital’s Listed Bonds!

If you are looking for a more diversified portfolio, reducing the volatility compared to equity, having higher income than savings accounts, Propiteer Capital is the perfect solution to earn higher income given their higher rates of return thanks to their listed bonds that can be traded on the main stock exchanges such as London and Frankfurt.

On the 9th May 2022, at Fairmont Hotel, Club Vivanova’s CEO Bradley Mitton hosted a private lunch dedicated to Propiteer Capital. A limited, invitation only event, several investors were present from the banking and real estate fields, with a brief lecture on the company, held by the Co-Founder Dave Marshall.

The lunch, organized with three courses, was an amazing opportunity to network with professional business men and women in the finance industry that were caught by the interest to invest in new projects proposed by Propiteer Capital. Indeed, Mr. Dave Marshall, during his speech and presentation about the business, presented the newest activity they are involved in: Fletton Quays. Close to River Nene, Fletton Quays is a building that will offer to customers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Propiteer Capital’s CEO  wanted to show everyone in the room this new construction to gain more attention and show concretely what their business is about.

Based on three types of investments, from residential rentals to development properties, the company offers different investing opportunities, that can change with the duration and size of the project. They also work with branded hotels, such as Hilton and Marriott, that make their portfolio even bigger, working with more competitive firms.

The insightful presentation by Mr. Dave Marshall made the lunch more remarkable, sharing new knowledge in both the real estate market and construction, showing us how investors can believe in tangible projects, moving their investments to a more diversified portfolio, that with their listed bond, issued on the market can give benefits due to their higher rates of return.

Andrea Bogni

BBA1 – Bachelor Business Administration Honors Track
President and founder, IUM Luxury Society
IUM – 14 Rue Hubert Clerissi, 98000 Monaco

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