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Alicia Martinez Dorado – Image Consultant, Personal Shopper, Brand Ambassador, Travel Blogger and Influencer

Alicia Martinez Dorado


We talk to Alicia Martinez Dorado, a successful woman working in the world of luxury brands.

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Alicia, great to meet you, tell us all about your life and how you realised your dreams to work in the world of luxury…

Alicia: I have been passionate about fashion since I was eight, I decided to start my studies in the field of administration, a sector in which I worked for several years as a secretary in various companies. But my ambition drove me forward and I made the decision to make a change to my life by reinventing myself doing what I really was passionate about. This change led me to direct my professional career to the world of image consulting. In 2016 I decided to start my studies in this field with a master’s degree in personal and corporate image counseling at the Atelier Academy of Andrea Vilallonga, in the city of Barcelona, ​​where I qualified as a professional.

Alicia Martinez Dorado

‘I have had many achievements; one of them, was the great pleasure of receiving the gold medal for my career as an image consultant and personal shopper for the Spanish Association of Image Professionals.’

Alicia Martinez Dorado

Loving travel, music and good food, I adore a glass of good wine, a good concert, or an afternoon of shopping. Elegance and good taste are my starting points when it comes to advising someone and reaching their ultimate version.

Alicia Martinez Dorado

The luxury sector and the glamor that surrounds the world of fashion, are my weapons to achieve my professional goals. Although this is still a new career for me,  I have had many achievements; one of them, was the great pleasure of receiving the gold medal for my career as an image consultant and personal shopper for the Spanish Association of Image Professionals.

Alicia Martinez Dorado

During this time I have worked and collaborated with some Spanish companies in fashion and beauty, becoming a brand ambassador and expanding my professional field of action.

Alicia Martinez

The creation of my blog ‘With 3 colors by Alicia Martínez’, is a consequence of my passion to talk about those issues that motivate me in life; travel, fashion and beauty.

Alicia Martinez Dorado

For me, to advise is to try to achieve harmonisation for the image of a person, and to give potential to all their personal qualities, in short, to make them shine in their own light. Would you put yourself in my hands?

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