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A full immersion in the car industry and its development since the 19th century

By Andrea Bogni.

Whenever we think about buying something luxurious, the first thing we have in mind is to buy a new car. Indeed, this means of transport, for many people, represents their identity and status. Having a beautiful car to use around the city has always been the dream of every child. From a young age, we have always seen cars on television and have played with toys to simulate this dream at an early age.

Regardless of the year of the car, lots of people enjoy bringing their pride and joy to shows and especially to London Concours to meet other collectors and debate about this amazing industry that links luxury with feelings. Quite often it happens that people have a particular connection with the car, for its roots or the emotions that it can give.

Whatever the reason is, all of them have the same reason why they are there: passion. 

Confirmation of this was in all that I saw on Wednesday 29th of June and Thursday 30th of June at London Concours 2022. During the show, every owner could bring his car to show to the public and have a chat with all the visitors coming from all over the world.  The year of construction was very wide: there were cars from the early 20th Century till today. We had concretely the opportunity to see the differences in manufacture and design and how this industry has developed so quickly over the years.

The show, organized over three days, hosted a few small events within it. For instance, there were judges to preside over all the different types of cars, filling a sheet and deciding which one was the winner. To mention a few of them, there was the prize for the fastest car of the festival, the most beautiful vintage one, or, on the last day, the best supercar was announced, depending on different factors such as materials, design, and heritage.

My attendance there was thanks to Julia Kors, CEO, and Founder of Luxury International Magazine, that allowed me to be there with a media pass ticket. Furthermore, on Wednesday, which was the style edition day, I had the good fortune to have a private lunch with their sponsor table in the VIP area, where I met other partners and collaborators of Julia.

Luxury International Magazine is also a partner with JWP Media Group and together they help luxury businesses to enlarge their visibility and increase sales through magazines, PR, and consultancy strategies.


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