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The impact of technology on the City of London

By Andrea Bogni.

London has always been one of the most important cities in the world where more businesses are based and where mostly half of the European transactions are made. Indeed, it is also the location for several events, welcoming international businessmen and companies that are interested in enlarging their clientele and visibility around the globe.

The numerous opportunities that this city offers have given me the possibility to attend the London Tech Week 2022. This event, organized over five days, was in the main interests of tech industries that brought staff members to attend keynotes, and speeches, as well as presenting the company through stands in the show. Here, global government and corporate leaders, inspirational start-up founders, senior investors, and tech rising stars together to discuss the power of technology for societies.

Thanks to JWP Media Group, I had the opportunity to attend the show on Wednesday 15th June. As a delegate to the event, I had several advantages such as the possibility to attend several keynotes. These insightful conversations among business people, founders, and CEOs have made my day more remarkable, full of resources and that gave me more knowledge to add to my cultural baggage.

The London Tech Week cannot be full of innovation. Companies brought a new idea that will be soon released on the market. For instance, the level of innovation that was reached during the show was brought thanks to the presence of robots. The latter, with the use of microphones and cameras, were able to move around the room and communicate with people through gestures and head movements. People were so curious that stop in front of the stand to try to play with robots, take selfies, and make videos.

Many were the possibilities to network during the event. Founders of companies were there to assist you in case of any information, they were very welcoming in talking with you and keen on fulfilling all the curiosities I had about their businesses.

In conclusion, London gives lots of networking opportunities. People are very sociable and it’s very easy to make connections. Thanks to JWP Media Group, which gave me the chance to move to London for two months to attend an internship as an account executive within the company, I have discovered a new world, both in the business and cultural environment. This just gives me more motivation to move forward, work hard to improve my skills in the digital marketing field, and make new connections that in the future can be very helpful.

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