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Superyacht Art: Beyond Seas and Canvases with Jane Dieu

By Rebecca Whitlocke

Growing up in Southampton before moving to the sun-kissed coastlines of the French Riviera, emerging artist Jane Dieu cultivated an enduring love affair with the sea and the exquisite craftsmanship of luxury yachts.

Transitioning from the corporate world to pursuing her artistic passion, Jane’s evolution as an artist is clear and compelling. “I’ve developed a bold, modern take on the more traditional yacht painting,” she explains. “My aim is to capture the soul of the yacht, and guide the viewer’s eye through the painting by using my signature cubic style abstraction.”

For those immersed in the world of yachting, Jane’s nautical artworks transcend mere acquisitions—they are statements, celebrations of the yachting lifestyle. Whether adorning the interiors of majestic vessels or gracing the walls of galleries like the Galerie Yachting Style in Port Grimaud near Saint-Tropez, her paintings seamlessly meld with the world of the owner, becoming an integral part of elegant yacht salons and luxurious residences. 

The Irresistible Charm of Jane Dieu’s Yacht Paintings

Currently, Jane is preparing for an array of gallery exhibitions in 2024, setting the stage for an opulent showcase of her paintings. Simultaneously, she’s working on a collection of bespoke commissions, destined to become cherished Christmas gifts for global yacht owners. Her collection includes originals and hand-embellished prints featuring iconic vessels like the Maltese Falcon, Black Pearl, and Zulu.


Jane’s artworks are more than visual delights; they are conduits for the ‘wow’ factor, provoking inspiration, contemplation, and meaningful dialogues between the viewer and the art.

Charter companies and yacht brokers are taking note; “During Monaco Yacht Show, I was delighted to purchase Jane’s stunning painting of Motor Yacht WHISPER for the new owner,” enthused Will Christie, Founder of Christie Yachts. “They were not only impressed by the artistry, but also deeply touched by the personal gesture. I would highly recommend Jane Dieu’s artwork to anyone in the industry. Her paintings are a wonderful gift, or for owners a beautiful way to capture their unique yacht in a truly original manner.”

Another creation found its place in Cecil Wright’s prestigious collection, marking a noteworthy acknowledgment of her talent within elite circles of yacht aficionados. The industry is realising that by offering Jane’s custom paintings to their yacht owners and charter guests, they can help ensure their name echoes in conversations for years to come, attracting a refined clientele seeking the epitome of luxury.

Artful Horizons: Onboard Art Unveiled

For connoisseurs of luxury living aboard superyachts, art transcends decoration—it becomes a defining element of identity. Each carefully chosen painting serves as an anchor, a symbolic fragment intricately woven into the fabric of the owner’s personal taste. These curated artworks are more than an embellishment; they are pivotal contributors to the yacht’s ambiance, shaping its mood and character. In this exclusive realm of luxury and distinction, art isn’t just an accessory—it is a chapter in the ongoing narrative of the superyacht experience.

Commissioning a painting from Jane means tailoring it to fit a specific space seamlessly. Yacht interiors, with their unique constraints of ceiling height, lighting, and practical considerations related to salt, humidity, and shifts in movement, demand a meticulous approach. Much like the craft of boatbuilding, painting becomes a passionate journey, blending concepts, tools, and creative nuances.

Nestled in Normandy, France, Jane’s studio stands as a haven—a sanctuary for inspiration, especially on days when the weather turns tempestuous. Here, her canvases await a world where beauty and adventure converge. In Jane’s paintings, the intricate dance of architectural lines and design motifs of yachts unfolds, crafting a beautiful harmony that intertwines the vessel’s structural elegance with bold colour palettes.

In every brushstroke, Jane intricately weaves the significance of perspective into her creations, infusing each masterpiece with intimate emotions, rich experiences, and a subtle touch of nostalgia. Her vibrant, modern paintings transform the yacht’s interior into a floating gallery, where the undulating waves outside echo the fluidity and dynamism of the artworks within.

For those who appreciate not only the yachting lifestyle, but the artistry it entails, Jane Dieu’s art offers a unique voyage into a realm where luxury and artistic expression converge.

With an upcoming exhibition in January at ‘The Artists’ gallery in Caen, France, Jane Dieu welcomes bespoke commissions in 2024 and beyond.

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