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For business or pleasure, chartering a private jet to travel allows you to avoid the stress and hassle of regular airliners and to benefit from a flight on demand at schedules of choice with specially trained personnel, guaranteeing the utmost discretion.


Nowadays, many travelers; businessmen, statesmen, personalities and also anonymous pressed and demanding clients, elect to travel in private jet. For all that, If hiring a private jet allows you to travel with such freedom and flexibility to compare, choose and book on line a private jet, then, it offers peace of mind, time saving…..and money!


Linda Sellidj, President of Global Jet Partner and founder of Lynjet, points out,

« offers for the first time in France, a solution for both, the opacity of the rates on the business jet market and to the reality of the market itself. Consumer habits are indeed profoundly upset, and digital is increasingly investing in the luxury sectors. In fact, our customers are accustomed to making purchases online, directly, without waiting for quotations made by intermediaries. So why not book a private plane? ».

‘…The aim of the platform is to simplify the lives of discerning travelers and their assistants who seek above all, a fast and efficient service at a fair price….’

« This website has required more than a year of development because of the numerous information to integrate. We will ask our clients for a come back concerning their digital experience with and will take the opportunity to progressively enrich the website. Ideas are not missing and we are already working on the future ».


Until then, some companies allowed their travelers to book one of their airplanes online, but the choice was limited to a handful of aircrafts. With, is almost all of the market that is offered to users. Thus, platform users can seamlessly access to real-time pricing, select and compare planes according to their own criteria and book online the chosen private jet rental.’s data base will develop itself with thousands of international airports added in time, the launch is concentrated on European flights.

Reserve your private jet online, in just a few clicks, from your smartphone!

Since the end of March, Lynjet has implemented online the new version of its website, In addition to offering a user-friendly experience, this new version, a responsive design, is accessible from a smartphone and tablet for greater flexibility of service.

From your desk, home, on a business or leisure trip…from no matter where and no matter what computer or computer terminal, from now on, it is enough a few clics to book a private jet online!

Thanks to the new version of the Lynjet platform, the user can very easily:

  1. Choose an aircraft model,
  2. Establish a flight plan,
  3. Check the availability of the aircrafts,
  4. Compare rates in real time,
  5. And rent a private jet

With Lynjet, to book a private jet is child’s play!

A unique launch offer, 7 days free trial

To benefit from Lynjet’s services and from negotiated rates, the user chooses an annual subscription from our 3 packages designed accordingly to meet our customers needs and wants.

In order to allow the largest number of travelers to discover the functionalities and services of this platform, Lynjet proposes during the month of April an exceptional launch offer; free 7 days trial are offered on our option « Basic ».

The « Basic » package, free for 7 days:

  • Unlimited access to last minute offers and discounts.
  • The best opportunities up to 50% off on a flight.
  • Flexible schedules and dates.
  • Subscription valid for 12 months (€ 249 per month).
  • Pre-payment required before •service is used.


Linda Sellidj confides,

« The aim of the platform is to simplify the lives of discerning travelers and their assistants who seek above all, a fast and efficient service at a fair price. Our ambition is that, as with train subscriptions, renting a private jet by subscribing to our platform becomes instinctive for travelers. is naturally adapting to itself to the reality of the market ».

Lynjet, the serenity of a successful flight, from booking to landing.

All Lynjet operators are selected with the utmost care in accordance with strict quality and safety criteria to guarantee the customer serenity and reliability.

All partner airlines have:

  • A certificate of airworthiness (AOC) and aeronautical insurance validated by the official authorities.
  • The IOSA certificate, issued as part of the IATA Operational Safety Audit Program.
  • Certificates JAr-OPS1 (Standard Aircraft and Crew Procedures) and PART145 (Aircraft Regulatory Maintenance).
  • Aircrafts with an average age of 5 years, with two pilots

In addition, along with Global Jet Partner, disposes of the insurance certification « RC Shipper », which covers chartering for up to $100 million, the highest insurance coverage on the market of air chartering.


Finally, the platform assures the track of each flight and is available to its passengers thanks to a phone line that can be reached 7/7 days and 24/24 hours. For each call, a specialized personnel answers from the offices of Global Jet Partner in France or the United Kingdom.

About Linda Sellidj

A graduate of the Sorbonne, Linda Sellidj has worked since 2008 for one of the world’s leading air brokers. Wishing to develop an alternative model to the standardization of highend services, two concepts that she considers antinomic, she develops in 2012 Global Jet Partner, now present in Paris and London.

In June 2015, Global Jet Partner was honored by the «Institut International de Promotion et de Prestige », France, with an award for its « Merits for the Development of Corporate Service ».

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