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EverythingCommunity Delivers Children Their First Ever Sensory Friendly Premier League Football Match

On Sunday 20 March, Everything Community Everything Community | Sharing The Love, the not for profit arm of EverythingGlobal joined forces with Menphys to offer children with complex needs a day out they’ll never forget at Leicester Football Club.

Since its inception in 2020, Everything Community has supported 196 projects and raised over £111,185 for charitable causes. On the day, Claire Sibson – a former social worker who has been appointed Community Engagement Manager to drive the initiative forward, and the founder of EverythingGlobal Paul Rowlett, hosted three children and their parents and carers in the company’s executive box to allow them to enjoy a day out on their own terms.

Menphys works with children and young adults who have diagnoses such as autism, ADHD, generalised anxiety disorder, developmental trauma and more, often multiple of these coexisting in one person.

Clarie Sibson explained: “Because of the children’s needs, a day out at football, which is so straightforward for most young people, required a bespoke approach. The Menphys team provided us with a wealth of information about the children so the outing could be designed to ensure they had the best experience possible. As a result, the children arrived early before disruptions like the noise began and they were greeted by LCFC mascot Filbert Fox.

“We organised food and drinks while the promotional and charity strands of our company brought colouring packs, sensory toys and games.”

A television inside the box, with the balcony doors closed, allowed the children to ease into the game at their own pace and by the second half they were all outside cheering on Leicester City to an important victory. For young people who are denied access to some day-to-day activities due to a different set of challenges they face, this was a momentous occasion for the parents.

Liam Deacy, head of fundraising added: “It’s crucial to provide safe spaces to avoid sensory overload as this is a common trigger, but it’s also vital that we don’t forget the need for parents to enjoy a day out with their child.”

Claire Sibson commented further: “One of the parents told me that her son hasn’t stopped talking about his experience since and the fact Leicester won made his day. She told me that she hadn’t seen him so happy in a very long time. Another said her son came out of his shell in the end and had a fab time.

“I am now even more determined to ensure that EverythingCommunity continues to support people not only with autism but with diverse needs by laying on these precious experiences.”

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