Guest blogger Sam Dickson on US luxury car interiors from Stratstone

When it comes to cars, most people tend to focus on how visually appealing the exterior is.

However, it’s worth noting that the interior of a car is just as fascinating and worth admiring,

and it really could be the key thing that makes it a striking choice for buyers.

With this in mind, we have devised this list of the top 5 most luxurious car interiors, which are

sure to make anyone want to hop in for a ride.

Whether you are looking to purchase, or you simply just want to admire them, read on to find

out whether your favourite car makes the list. You never know, you may come across a

model that might take you by surprise.

1. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The name itself suggests that this is not a car that falls short of a stunning exterior. The

Stingray stormed on the scene as Chevrolet’s seventh generation model and brought sheer

refinement and performance to a whole new level. However, with this particular model, the

American brand wanted to put a keen focus on the interior in order to make it more

competitive against European rivals, such as Porsche and Jaguar.

With options available including carbon fiber trim, a suede-like microfiber headliner and

contrast stitching on the seats, the Stingray is just as luxurious as it is sporty. Not only that

but it’s hard to mention the Stingray without commenting on the instrument cluster and

centre display. With configurable digital graphics that gives the driver a clear view, it’s no

wonder this car’s interior is the envy of other models.


2. Chrysler 200C

With subtle and lovely ambient lighting, it’s no surprise why the Chrysler 200C’s interior is

one of the brand’s best features. This is further highlighted by the piping on the leather

seats, an ergonomically ideal angled centre console and a unique sliding cupholder. If that

wasn’t enough, the car also has an exquisite one-piece matte-finish wood veneer that

accents the steering column, an instrument cluster and centre stack. You will find extra room

in the backseat area and it comes with new-age self-parking technology.


3. GMC Sierra Denali

When it comes to trucks, they don’t have to be boring and lacking in visual appeal. In fact,

the GMC Sierra Denali is out to prove luxury and comfort can come together with practicality.

The best and most desired features of this vehicle are the plentiful storage spaces, a huge

centre console and even necessities suitable for harsh weather conditions – heated and

cooled front seats and a heated steering wheel for those times you may have left your

gloves at home!


4. Hyundai Equus Ultimate

Ever since its debut, the Hyundai Equus has been keen to win the hearts of luxury car

buyers on a global scale. The redesigned Equus and its higher-end Ultimate model mimics

the interior comfort and appearance you would expect to find in a limousine. It also features

materials that could rival vehicles in a six-digit price range. It comes with plenty of room in

the second row, the rear seats recline and even offers a massage feature just to complete its

luxurious status. If you really want to ride in style and comfort, you can even take advantage

of the ‘relax’ button, which is located at the rear centre console. It fully reclines the seat and

pushes the empty front passenger seat forward to offer maximum legroom.


5. Jeep Cherokee Limited

When it comes to the Jeep Cherokee Limited, some may argue that the exterior of this

model has proven to be rather controversial. However, the interior is on another scale of

excellence. Similar to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, its sibling does a fantastic job of blending

comfort with the rugged outdoors. Controls are large and easily accessible and everything is

easy to use. It does, however, stays true to hardcore Jeep enthusiasts, blending the best of

both worlds for a truly remarkable ride.


How important is a car’s interior?

Although people notice the exterior of a car above anything else, it’s important to note that

having a well-kept interior is just as important when it comes to maintaining the value of the


But just how important is interior design? Here are a few key points as to why the interior

design of a car is crucial to its overall identity.

– It’s one of the many areas that buyers focus on when purchasing a vehicle.

– Vehicle interiors are quickly becoming one of the most growing areas these days,

which could be the difference between a customer purchasing the vehicle and

walking away.

– Things like new technology, better materials, improved designs and increased

features are all factors in ensuring a vehicle has high quality and advanced interior

elements to stand out from competitive brands.

– Drivers will instantly feel a sense of luxury and comfort just from sitting inside a well-

kept and high quality vehicle before they even turn on the ignition.

– Having the interior of a car cleaned professionally around once a month, along with

your own maintenance, is sure to keep the vehicle in a solid condition.

– The interior of a car shows a character of its own, and certain factors will be attractive

to buyers if they meet the requirements and needs of that particular person.

– Classic sportiness is something that may attract a lot of drivers. Using clear colours

and clear colour contrasts such as black leather with bright red seams, hard and

clear edges, smooth and firm surface materials and a centring of the layout on the

driver himself.

– Classic elegance can be achieved by using valuable looking materials such as wood

imitations and leather and slimmer contours, possibly accentuated with chrome.

If these luxury cars have got you in the mood for looking for your next vehicle, visit

Stratstone for great offers on finance options, deals and an array of cars that are sure to

meet everyone’s requirements. With just one click you can find the perfect car for you today!

This blog was written by Sam Dickson on behalf of Stratstone.

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