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A star is born, Irene Lentiggini Stars about Stars show

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Recently I was excited to be interviewed by Irene Lentiggini on her popular ‘Stars about Stars’ online show, where guests astrology readings are revealed to them, and I have to say Irene was super-accurate with mine! Filmed in Lockdown between Essex UK and Los Angeles USA where Irene lives was a great experience too! I first met Irene socially in Monaco and in the next issue of our magazine ‘Relentless’, Irene talks about her life, her motivations and her ever-popular show, Starts about Stars. 

Thank you Irene for the article below, which you can also read from 1st May in ‘Relentless’ please subscribe using the pop-up on this site. 

This is my favourite movie with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It shows how perfect love can be in imperfect relationship, remaining strong and real at the same time. How important it is to practice what you preach and believe in yourself.

The unchangeable Nike slogan “Just do it” reminds us once again what it means to struggle fiercely for your goal with an invincible belief.

It was exactly the same strong faith that brought me to the place where lots of Stars were born – the city of lost Angels, as the locals call it.

The moment I stepped on its grounds, I immediately felt the powerful energy that can bring you to the top of the world but test harshly on the way to your dreams.

People from different parts of the world come here to become actors, directors, producers. Their inner child comes to act on tough Hollywood playground where are all the means are good and the only rule is that there are no rules.

My LA was different. The capital of single hearts and souls gave me a long waited gift: the feeling of complete and peaceful love for our inner self and the world around us. So even the general pandemic mood could not change the smile on my face. Empty streets and quiet times helped me realise the value of every past event and life trial.

The most challenging 2020 times and the great world changes gave birth to my baby – the author of “Stars About Stars” also known as the “SAS” project is a consequence of self-knowledge experience, search for truths and non-stop 10 years education in natural sciences and psychology field.

“CHI-LI LIFE aims to inspire and encourage people to find themselves and become happier by using proprietary meditation and chi-li life coaching techniques…”

Over a decade I present myself with a sunny name Irene Lentiggini, which was given to me in Italy after the University times. I dedicated all my life to studies. My parents’ most valuable investment was my international education and exploration of different cultures.

I was always very shy about freckles on my face. Interestingly enough, the cosmetic flaw I believed I had gave me a nickname among my closest friends. So eventually, “Lentiggini” became my registered official pen-name. Under this name I published four books and opened a Monaco mind wellness company in 2018 – “CHI-LI LIFE” (CHI-energy, LI – Lentiggini Irene) by Irene Lentiggini.

Being the “Guarantor of a Good Mood” is our basic philosophy. CHI-LI LIFE aims to inspire and encourage people to find themselves and become happier by using proprietary meditation and chi-li life coaching techniques, as well as to provide events on spiritual, mental and cultural development.

The two years of French Riviera experience were an amazing collaboration with the best companies such as Thirty Nine MC, Vivanova Club, CREM, jewellery Maison VITALE 1913, etc.

I’ve put all my knowledge in that company: from heading my family business to combined knowledge of astro-psychology, mineralogy, theta-healing, access bars, regressive hypnosis, an so on. We organised beautiful seminars for women and did partnerships with the best ones like London-based Miss USSR Monaco beauty contest.

Individual and group practicing brought me to create a special CTM or “coaching through meditation” method – a unique instrument on revitalisation and potential unlocking.

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Irene Lentiggini

When the challenging pandemic times came, I had to pause my activities and transform them. All the world stopped, but I did exactly the opposite (as my astrology sign Pieces sign provokes me to) – I started travelling and accomplished all the plans I’d been putting off because of never-ending daily  work.

Then Bali time came. This powerful portal gave me an opportunity to calm down and listen to the real needs of my soul that I had always suggested to my clients but never managed to do myself. So it was my turn. I was listening to my inner silence (or the silence of my heart) and realised it was high time to accept all my sides and use them to the maximum.

I spent my lockdown in God’s hands, visited 15 countries and finally got to the place where my first English book and project “SAS” are developing and a new free spirit Irene is re-born.

Back in my motherland I used to be an actress, a TV host and a screenwriter. Family trials put me into a different spiritual world that developed my professional skills and opened new facets of my personal potential.

I believe COVID taught us not only to put ON, but also to take OFF the masks and accept ourselves as we are – the sacral “om mani padme hum”: all we are looking for is inside us.

Thus my creative spontaneous writer’s nature met my astrology expertise in my new born Project. I transformed my coaching practice into a motivational CHI-LI LIFE YouTube channel, where the interviews with famous celebrities are placed.

Every guest in the Project is a whole Universe full of pleasant presents and insights. Preparing for each interview I study my guest’s individual horoscope, so the questions list is different each time. My special birth chart reading technique allows to put non-standard “chilli” questions and turns it into a talk interesting first of all for the invited celebrity and, of course, for the “SAS” project and CHI-LI LIFE channel followers.

One of our recent and most interesting interviews is with James W. Phillips, the publisher of this news site you’re currently reading, to whom I am absolutely grateful.

Watch the interview here: 

My personal advice I would love to share with you today? Live your dream! And do everything to achieve it as life is short and is given to us for joy and happiness; cherish every moment of your life and dream like you will live forever.

Irène Lentiggini author of four books and “SAS” Project

Contact Irene at:

Instagram: @irenelentiggini

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